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If you are a gaming enthusiast that prefers playing football game, FIFA 14 is a game that you will like to play, especially with FIFA 14 cheats. EA Sports developed the game for Android, Xbox one, Microsoft windows, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Android, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS, and PlayStation Portable. FIFA 14 and NHL 14 developed by EA are related. The two games have similar features and game modes. But FIFA comes with added features that make it more enjoyable than NHL 14. For example, a good number of game play refinements are added to it which are not included in NHL 14. The game is also available in on next generation consoles and this is not the case with NHL 14.

FIFA 14 cheatsThe game is designed following FIFA football with features that will make it possible for players to play against other players across the world. It has all the features available in FIFA 13. Other new features such as improved physics are included. A good number of leagues across the world are available in the game. The game mode follows the schedule of each of the available leagues. So, the players will pick their favorites teams and play in accordance with the schedule of the game.

One interesting feature in FIFA 14 is the career mode which looks like that of NHL 14. It makes it possible for players to copy a soccer career from the minor leagues to the main leagues of FIFA. Unlike the sister mode found in NHL 14, the career mode of FIFA 14 also allows a player to engage a scout to search for talent in different clubs across the globe. The feature that makes this possible is called the Global Scouting Network.

There are significant improvements on the career mode of this game. Players will experience little or no interruption as they navigate. There is a live scouting report and other features. It is now possible for managers to obtain details about the qualities of players. They can also build, develop and refine their scout’s network.

Other amazing features available in the game include:

  • Multiplayer mode (featuring other modes such as team play, FIFA Ultimate Team mode, precision movement and multiplayer mode) which makes it possible for players to encounter other players from across the world;
  • Variable dribble touches which controls and determines a player’s dribbling skills and movement;
  • Curling lofted through balls which allows players to send accurate passes as well as send the ball into spaces by curling it the opponent;
  • Pure shots which makes it possible for players to make a perfect shot;
  • Protect the ball;
  • 2nd chance tackles;
  • Teammate intelligence;
  • Skill games.

FIFA 14 Cheats

Getting coins to buy new players is one of the most challenging aspects of this game. Players can use real-life money to buy coins for the purchase of new players. One can also invest in cards to make coins to buy new players. You can also use special cheat codes for FIFA 14 to get coins.